Visit the charming little town of Kaapse Hoop

On a mountain pass above Nelspruit you will find the quaint little town of Kaapse Hoop. Famous for the wild horses that roam freely and it's laid back lifestyle it offers more than enough to do during a day visit or a long weekend. The gravel streets and quaint shops offer visitors a rest from the rat race we so often get caught up in. To add further glamour to the already fairytale character of Kaapsehoop, there are blue swallows, as well as a series of ancient stones, known as Adam's Calendar. Part of the escarpment is declared a blue swallow natural heritage site. Kaapsche Hoop, the original Dutch spelling of the town's name, came into existence as part of the 1873 gold rush. Its very name means 'hope of the Cape', referring to prospector's hopes for gold. But it also refers to the shape of the Kaapsehoop ridge; a cape that bulges out from the Drakensberg escarpment into the Lowveld. Also try: Hiking to the Waterfall Walking out to the escarpment (take a light picnic if you can!) See the wonderful views over the Lowveld, particularly of the Barberton valley. Regular markets and festivals are held on weekends. Be sure to try all the lovely restaurants and cafe's, each with its own distinct character and stories to tell.

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